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LEDTV Module Panel 

Panel Connection Diagram with Controller and Video Processor. LEDTV provide complete system :



Module Cabinet Assembling Line


LEDTV Panel Circuit Board

LEDTV Receiving and Sending Cards

Front Screen

High LEDTV lamps

Multi-display synchronism function Controller. NEW !


Pixel by Pixel Correction and Unit box by Unit box Correction Function; Intelligent Identification Function;Gray level 0---Gray Level

66536 (64K) are Optional;Optional Refresh Frequency, Synchronous Function;Super Loading Capacity;Double Network Cables Switch Automatically;Multi-display Synchronous and Combination Functions; Brightness 256 Levels Automatic Regulation ;Voice Transmission Function;Upgrading Program Online;No Toggle Switch;Test Function;

Super Long Transmission Distance;Matching software.

Real Pixel Full-Color Control System


The sending card includes grey level 16384 and grey level 4096 (adjustable). The receiving card has two models, namely 16k and 4k.

The model of 16k is grey level 16384, mainly agreeing with the single

box of static scanning; also using for the screen of 1/2 and 1/4 scanning

4 rows /zone. The model of 4k is grey level 4096, mainly using for the indoor screen of 1/8 scanning; also using for the screen of 1/16、1/4

、1/2 or static scanning.


LED Multidisplay Screen Software


Supporting multi-display: multi-display edits separatively database

display; table line-in; network function; background play; playing

schedule multi-window and multi-task display synchronously; text

supports Word,Excel; adding background music to program window; supporting all the cartoon documents MPG/MPEG/MPV/MPA/AVI/

VCD/ SWF/ RM/ RA/RMJ/ASF, abundant picture browse types;

date、time、date+time 、analog clock etc, all kinds of positive-

negative timing functions; calendar displays transparently; playing

multi-task automatically (*.LSP); supporting external program

interface; video source chroma、 saturation、brightness、contrast software regulation.


No multi-media card needed; single network cable transmission;

supporting optical fiber transmission; super loading capacity; one

for multiple functions; perfect picture quality; indoor and outdoor compatibility; remote control function; super protective circuit;

distributing software free of charge.

Multifunction Video System

Function and Features LEDTV Panel System

1.Giga Technology
One sending card can support the max pixels: Model701: 1280*1024; model702: 2048*640; two cards are cascaded: 2048*1152. Single network cable supports the max pixels: model701: 1024*640, 1280*512; model702: 1600*400, 2048*320
2.Pixel by Pixel Correction and Unit box by Unit box Correction Function
Pixel by pixel correction supports four kinds of correction modes: single pixel, 2*2pixels, 4*4 pixels, 8*8 pixels; and the max correction is 6144 pixels/module, and brightness 256 levels for red, green, blue. Every unit box correction is used to adjust the chromatism among every unit box; and brightness 256 levels for red, green, blue.
3. Intelligent Identification Function
The intelligent identification program can recognize every kind of scanning mode and every type of signal trend of all kinds of double-color, full-color (real pixel and virtual pixel) drive boards, and the accuracy rate is 99%.
4. Gray level 0---Gray Level 66536 (64K) are Optional
Users can adjust the gray level from 0 to 66536 levels according to requirement of displays, making the display achieve the most desirable effects.
5. Optional Refresh Frequency, Synchronous function
Refresh frequency are adjustable from 10HZ to 3000HZ, and the refresh frequency and phase-lock function can make the display refresh locked at integral multiple of that of computer display, avoiding the image to been torn, and ensuring the image to be perfect. The phase-lock synchronous range is from 47HZ to 76HZ.
6. Super loading capacity
Full-color receiving card with gray level 4096 (Model 4K) and refresh frequency 180HZ can support 512*128; full-color receiving card (model 16K, only for static) with gray level 16384 and refresh frequency 300HZ can control 160*64,.(Remarks: the drive board must realize high frequency 30MHZ)
7. Double network cables switch automatically
The A and B ports of the receiving card can be both used as input ports or output ports. Users can adapt two computers to control a display at the same time, when one is out of order, the other will replace it automatically; Users can also use one computer with double network cables to control a display, when one is out of order, the other will take place of it automatically, making the display work normally all time.
8. Multi-display synchronous and combination functions.
Supporting one sending card to control multi-display, and the multi-display can be any combination, synchronous display, and independent play, etc. through shortcut key.
9. Brightness 256 Levels Automatic Regulation  
The function of brightness 256 levels automatic regulation can make the display brightness regulation more efficient.
10. Voice Transmission Function
Model 702 integrates the voice transmission, and requires no audio cable to transmit audio signals to the display. Double 24bits and 64KHZ hi-fi digital analogy and modulus switch to transmit the voice, making display achieve the perfect video effect.
11. Upgrading Program Online
If program of receiving card needs to be upgraded, just open the display power, and upgrade it through Led Studio, no need to remove the receiving card from the display.
12. No Toggle Switch
No toggle switches on the receiving card, all the setups are set through Led Screen Software.
13. Test Function
Receiving card has the test function, no sending card needed; can test the display directly, such as bias, gray level, red, green, blue, etc. many kinds of test modes.
14. Super Long Transmission Distance
The max transmission distance is 170M (actual measure); normal transmission distance is 140M
15. Excellent software
Supporting multi-display: multi-display edits separatively database display; table line-in; network function; background play; playing schedule multi-window and multi-task display synchronously

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