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Advertising or information dissemination in central square of city/pedestrian street/business central area.
Advertising or information screen at the top of business building / conspicuous location, such as entrance and exit point,
gymnasiums, stadiums, and exhibition center.


General Specification for Outdoor LEDTV Panel

Display Unit 8 X 8 /8 X 16/pixel block
Pitch 16/20/25mm
Pixel composition 2R1PG1PB full color device
LED RGB Super Bright Lamps
Wave Length RGB 630nm/525nm/630nm
Screen size in pixels 36X352
Display area

1000mm X8800mm



Resolution 1600 pixels/m2
Pixels on one module 32x 24 pixels
Size of module 800mm(W)x600mm(H)x180mm(D)
Display color

256(R)x256(G)x256(B), 16777216 Colors

Gamma correction Yes
VGA and Live video Yes
Color Depth 14 bits
Viewing distance 20M - 400M

Levels of Grey


32768 grey for each color

Output 256 output grads for each color
Frequency of frame display 60 Hz
Frequency of Refresh Rate 480 Hz - 600 Hz
Signal transmission Fiber optic cable
Drive mode Static constant current
Directivity Horizontal 110 Vertical 45
Rate of control deviation

Whole screen 2/10000

Working voltage AC220V(110V)15%  4763HZ
Max power consumption 600W/m2
Average power consumption 240W/m2
Brightness control

Program control or manual control available

Ambient Temp. 20-+60
Ambient humidity


System platform

WINDOWS 98 or up

Video input

DVI1.0 Video, YC Video, Composite Video, VGA overlay
Video sources  VCD, S-VCD, DVD,  VCR, TV, camera with PAL/NSTC standard
Life Time > 100,000 hours


                           INDOOR Full Color PH6                                               INDOOR Full Color PH10

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